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Alvin Shah Talks First Option Mortgage And Their Partnership With Network Under 40

Alvin Shah talks about First Option Mortgage, their culture, and their partnership with Network Under 40

Alvin Shah, Executive President of First Option Mortgage

First Option Mortgage is proud to partner with Network Under 40 Atlanta to spread the word to all Real Estate Professionals. First Option is currently looking for licensed Loan Officers to join their team, helping homeowners fund the American Dream. Today, I sat down with Alvin Shah, Managing Executive at First Option Mortgage. Working with First Option for several years, Alvin holds terrific insight about the housing industry as well as all things First Option, from the company’s success to their overall culture. “We built First Option from the ground-up,” Alvin says. “Working from within to ensure that employees have the right tools not just to survive in the industry, but thrive. You’re not just given these tools and asked to run. We walk you through the process.” It’s an exhilarating experience for those just starting out in the business. The managers at First Option know what it takes to support and encourage their people. With the right attitude and a desire for success, you’re driven through a career that could potentially last a lifetime. “Our biggest goal is to continuously promote and build our staff members. We’ve had folks who have been with us for over ten years. Jeff Scott, one of our best Sales Managers, started out as a Loan Officer.” I asked Alvin what sets First Option apart from other mortgage companies, to which he said this: “To some, a mortgage might just be a mortgage. You can go to any of the other big guys. What sets us apart is that we’re people helping people. We’re all about being hands-on, dedicating care to our customers and employees.” He’s not kidding. First Option Mortgage holds record loan closings and approval ratings with their customers. With an entire underwriting staff, the pre-approval process is streamlined to under 24 hours. Many loans close out before 21 days, with rush orders lowered to 2 weeks. First Option holds a treasure trove of success stories. From Edina, Minnesota, Loan Officer Oliver White has been told he’s a “trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable, and enjoyable person to work with” by one customer. Ashley Bernardo in Las Vegas has been called “absolutely spectacular, patient, helpful, and one of the very best” by a first-time homebuying family. These are truly powerful success stories, and they’re stories Alvin and his team are extremely proud of. If you have an idea at First Option Mortgage, management’s doors are always open. You can go straight to Alvin or many of the other leaders. They’ll not only listen to you but put your ideas to practice. When it comes to the industry that sort of control in a workplace is unheard of. It shows where First Option’s head is at. “We’re big enough to be dangerous, but small enough to be a family. When you’re here, whether you’re a customer, a loan officer, or anyone else working with us, you’re part of that extended family. It’s all about being tied and attached to one another’s success, getting through the process with a happy feeling at the end of the day.” First Option Mortgage strives to serve the community as a charitable benefactor around the country. They work with nonprofit programs like Feed My Starving Children, feeding children in need for an entire year. Alvin and his team are focused on bringing the American Dream to families. When asked about the current state of the industry, he’s incredibly optimistic. “People may be renting more, but the true question to owning your own piece of the American Dream is this: Why Not?” First Option teaches that it’s not just about owning that American Dream. Homebuying is an investment and an educational experience. Officers are beacons of knowledge for potential homeowners that might be dealing with the market for the first time. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about for Alvin and everyone over at First Option Mortgage. “Every customer isn’t just a file. Every person working for First Option isn’t just an employee. It’s a home, not just a loan. And I think that’s what it boils down to.” If working at First Option sounds like a dream come true for you, don’t wait! We’d love to talk to you directly, so get in touch with us online! First Option Mortgage can’t wait to meet with everyone at Network Under 40. Come chat with us to share success stories and talk about the industry. If you see us at the booth, give us a wave. We don’t bite, promise!