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First Option Mortgage, of Tennessee: Tennessee’s Mortgage Company of Choice

First Option Mortgage of Harrison provides Tennessee mortgage services in many Tennessee communities and cities through the state. Whether you live in a large metro area like Chattanooga, a subdivision in one of the suburban communities, or on a farm in the rural Tennessee countryside, we have a Tennessee mortgage that will suit your needs and we can tailor them to the requirements of Tennessee law and regulations. Because we have local teams that live in your area and know your unique needs, we can serve you directly with local Tennessee mortgage lenders.

Chattanooga is the fourth-largest city in Tennessee. Surrounded by the Cumberland Plateau and the southern Appalachians, with the official nickname of the “Scenic City”,  it is a haven for outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, trail running, road running, adventure racing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and road biking. Chattanooga has a diversified and growing mix of manufacturing and service industries and touts many attractions, including the Tennessee Aquarium, caverns, and new waterfront attractions along and across the Tennessee River.

First Option serves its community as a Tennessee mortgage lender based in Chattanooga. We are proud of being a part of one of the South’s top travel destinations. We enjoy the regular festivals and live music that come through Tennessee, as well as our city’s rich history.

Let’s take a second to brag about the New York Times naming Chattanooga one of the top 45 places to go in the world when only four U.S. cities were mentioned. The city has embraced the cultural roots of Tennessee and we are officially on the map as a destination, and a place to call home.

Surrounded by the Cumberland Plateau and the southern Appalachians, Chattanooga is well known as the Scenic City. It’s a playground for the adventurer and outdoor lover with great fishing, trail running, road running, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Our community is home to a little under 170,000 residents. Despite the smaller size, Chattanooga touts many attractions, including the Tennessee Aquarium, caverns, and new waterfront attractions along the Tennessee River.

Our Tennessee Branch Manager, Sean Hanzelik, has worked in nearly every sector of the mortgage industry during his 20+-year career. Sean’s experience allows him and his team to get clients approved with the lowest rates available and provide a custom mortgage experience.

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