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Stacy Hilber
Loan Originator
NMLS#  814127
First Option Mortgage, LLC
8888 Keystone Crossing, Ste 900
Indianapolis, IN  46240
NMLS#   814127
317-713-9534  Business
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My colleague asked me recently, “What would you say is your top marketable skill in this role? What is your biggest strength? What do you feel most comfortable doing?”

“Relationship-building,” was my response to all three questions. I didn’t think on it long and hard. It’s not a “tangible” skill. It doesn’t wield fancy cars, skyscrapers or end world hunger. Or, does it?

I suggest that EVERYTHING in this world begins as a simplistic relationship. The seed needs the soil, the soil begs for nutrients, the roots thirst for water. All is necessary to produce – to GROW.

My philosophy is PEOPLE. It’s simple. Treat people how they want to be treated. NURTURE the relationship. ALWAYS do the right thing. ACT with integrity. COMMUNICATE & educate. And I never forget to make a witty reference or nine while getting the job done!

My experience is a tie-died, customer-service concentric artwork of finance, marketing, writing & graphic design, food service & tending bar and speaking a second language – Spanish. I dedicate my expertise to a military-style upbringing, mentor-ship, hard work, determination & humility and to my Ball State University education [*CHIRP*CHIRP*].

I LOVE my fur babies – Buddy, a 13-year-old black lab mix who adores wearing (and picking out his own) handkerchiefs, and Sissy, a 10-year-old sassy princess who craves her Fancy Feast on the daily.

I am also an expecting MOTHER to my first! IT’S A BOY! Jackson Michael, mommy & daddy can’t wait to meet you (Oh, and gammy, too!)!

So, I’ve presented you with this semi-brief intro. It’s your turn. How may I help YOU? I’m looking forward to learning more about you!
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